Grover Arnett KY

William Grover Arnett, a legal luminary with a career spanning over three decades, embarked on his legal journey in 1989 after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Alice Lloyd College in Pippa Passes, Kentucky, and subsequently obtaining his Juris Doctorate from Northern Kentucky University’s Salmon P. Chase College of Law.

A proud native of Kentucky, Arnett swiftly established his legal practice in Salyersville by 1991, cultivating a substantial presence in the state’s legal landscape. Throughout his distinguished career, which spans more than two decades, Arnett has honed his expertise in personal injury law, with a specific focus on Social Security disability and Kentucky workers’ compensation.

Arnett’s clientele, spread across the entire state of Kentucky, is not only drawn by his cost-effective legal services but also by his exceptional proficiency and guidance, particularly in Social Security disability cases. His reputation as a trusted advisor for clients seeking substantial assistance in these specialized areas is well-earned.

Beyond his role as a personal attorney, Arnett served as the Magoffin County Attorney from 1994 to 1999, an elected prosecutor position where he achieved notable success. During his tenure, Arnett secured an impressive 95 percent conviction rate for DUI offenses and played a pivotal role in securing Knott County’s first marijuana cultivation conviction.

The remarkable achievements during his time as a county prosecutor have significantly contributed to Arnett’s esteemed reputation in the private legal sector. His successful dual career in both public and private legal spheres has solidified his standing as a prominent figure in personal injury law across Kentucky. Today, Grover Arnett continues to provide invaluable assistance to individuals navigating the complexities of personal injury disputes.